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Fruit For Life: A Friendly Guide to Growing Fruit Organically

Fruit For Life: A Friendly Guide to Growing Fruit Organically

by Tim Foster

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Fruit for Life has nearly 300 pages and over 180 line drawings about how to grow every fruit you can think of outside.

Tim is well known in Bristol and surrounds for his splendid gardening and his selflessness in passing on his skills. A lifetime's knowledge has been put into this self-published book and we at Eco-logic Books are only too delighted help Tim distribute and sell it.

In his own words (and Tim never could resist a play on words) is his description of the book: Fruit for Life is a bright peach of a book. At the core is a solid nugget of essential information for every fruit commonly grown outside. This is surrounded by the comprehensive succulent flesh of commentary on the fruits and on the techniques needed to grow them well, including pruning, propagation and pests and diseases. It's all wrapped in a flavoursome skin of organic-ness and sustainability.

Having read it -  and it is a very easy read - I found it packed with stuff I wish I had known when I started gardening over 100 years ago. If you want to grow fruit, soft or otherwise, you won't regret buying this book. Tim is also the author of Good Earth Gardening.

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