About Eco-logic Books

Eco-logic Books have been publishing and selling books that promote practical solutions to environmental problems for over 20 years...

Peter Andrews started Eco-logic books some time in the 90s, run from his solar-powered home in the leafy suburbs of Bath with help from the cat and other talented people as needed. He published books on LETS, Seed Saving, Farmers Markets, Green Woodworking, Yurts, Allotments, Gardening, Composting, Sustainable Architecture and Eco Paints; some of which you'll still see going strong.

Though the exact date of Eco-logic's inception seems hard to pin down what we do know is the book business has changed a lot in 20 years. Today we only stock books that we can sell at a competitive, online price. But unlike web warehouses Eco-logic Books only sells well-written books containing practical skills, ideas and inspiration for our sustainable future. Today, as 20 years ago, every book here has to pass muster.

Today, Peter has handed over to younger blood, so if you need help, or want to suggest a book to stock, talk to Iva. If you think you would like to write a practical environmental book for us, get in touch.

We try to run our business in the most environmentally sustainable way possible: we are careful where we bank and we try to use a minimum of materials in any of our activities; for example we will reuse used packaging material for 95% of dispatches. In our publishing operations we will only use UK printers and wherever possible 100% post consumer waste as print stock. 

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