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Apples of the Welsh Marches

Apples of the Welsh Marches

Marcher Apple Network

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An A5 booklet compiled by the Marcher Apple Network. A great list of old varieties of apples cultivated in the traditional orchards of the West Midlands and the neighbouring parts of Wales. It includes dessert and culinary apples but excludes purely cider apples.

There are alphabetical lists of ‘local’ apples, with a brief account of each variety, arranged by county or region where they are thought to have originated. Also listed are varieties extensively grown in the area in the past and still to be found in local farm orchards. Seventy nine are listed. Some, though not all, varieties are pictured in colour. Just the names alone are magical; who can resist the Onibury Pippin, Pomeroy of Herefordshire, King’s Acre Bountifuland the ancient Crimson Quoining – to name but a few?

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