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Growing Unusual Vegetables

Growing Unusual Vegetables

by Simon Hickmott

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The author Simon Hickmott is a plantsman, seed saver and proprietor of Future Foods, a company specialising in rare and unusual edible plants. In this book he has brought together over 90 unusual vegetables, all of them edible. Each plant comes complete with comprehensive cultivation instructions and fascinating notes on its origin, history and uses.

With this indispensable guide you can turn your garden or allotment into a unique storehouse of useful and unusual edible plants, many of which are surprisingly easy to grow. Then you can bring variety to the food on your plate that no supermarket or greengrocer will ever provide.

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  • "For the ultimate antidote to standardised supermarket vegetables, try growing some of the weird and wonderful varieties with the help of this excellent new book"
    - Gardener’s World

  • "Great to see the spirit of adventure flourishing in the kitchen garden but watch out... it could be infectious".
    - Joy Larkcom, author of ‘Grow Your Vegetables’

  • "A unique fascinating book that broadens the kitchen gardener’s horizons and genuinely says something new"
    - Kitchen Garden Magazine

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